Origins of the Trinity Health Collective

Connecting our story, through symbology is the best way to understand who we are and where we are going.

Yin/Yang: A philosophy of opposites, but most importantly how those opposites are mutually beneficial, and not mutually exclusive.

Yin/Yang: A philosophy of opposites, but most importantly how those opposites are mutually beneficial, and not mutually exclusive.

Yin Yang

We have all seen this symbol before, but for the most part only understand it to be be an oriental representation of asians, and not truly understanding it’s meaning. The Yin and Yang symbol represents two opposing sides, the ‘active’ and the ‘passive’ but ultimately Yin Yang philosophy seeks to convey how such opposing ends connect.

Brampton Muay Thai opened in 2011, then evolved in 2013 to Brampton Muay Thai and Chiropractic. It was at that point that Kru Nick Bautista (Muay Thai) and Dr. Ashley Sweeney-Bautista joined forces on what was seemingly two opposite services: The art of fighting, and the art of healing. But for some reason, it worked, and a community came from it.

Thats because even within opposites, are it’s equal and opposite constituent.

What Dr. Ashley and I discovered was that Martial Art doesn’t just create fighters, it creates communities and when you also serve that community with a means to heal you get a happy and healthy community. This is what we mean about two seemingly opposite things contributing to a larger whole.

What a discovery: Martial Arts heal, and Doctors inspire people to go train. Go figure.

It was at this point that Dr. Ashley and I decided to keep going. We’ve always been onto this, but it isn’t until you see your idea catch momentum and inspiration that you actually start to accelerate your thoughts.

So we put the pedal to the metal, and share more.

We’ve never drawn our ideas from gimmicks. We draw our inspiration from philosophy. The ancient kind that has stood the test of time. Involving more people and practitioners was the result of reaching out to more inclusive philosophies, not gimmicks.

So we reached out another foundation of asian philosophy:

The I Ching (ee ching)


This is an ancient symbol/language originating from ancient chinese times. Having multiple meanings and interpretations, the basic gist of it’s symbol is the gradual transitions that occur within change. We all know that change occurs, but the process of change occurs incrementally, and in cycles.

There is a gradual transition that occurs when we move from an unable state to an able state. And each transition in and of itself must be treated with diligence. It’s too easy to only pay attention to extremes; Winter and Summer are obvious. But what about the moments in between Winter and Summer, there is beauty in those transitions in and of themselves.

There is beauty, in the process.

The I Ching is massive guiding force to that end. From being a combo Chiropractic Clinic and Muay Thai school, we evolved again in 2016 into a hybrid Gym and Clinic connecting Chiropractic, Registered Massage Therapy Strength Training, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai into a seamless experience.

Our goal is to offer a coherent program driven by a professional at each point of transition. Mainly because we understand that ‘health’ for all intents and purpose is less of a stagnant place and more of a constant transition into and out of phases. The body is meant to move, so it therefore follows that it’s state will always be in flux. The goal therefore is simply about allowing that constant movement towards a positive and progressive cycle and not regress.

Trinity Health Collective is about expressing the direction of that progression.

I think it’s best captured by our mission:


The foundation simply starts with being healthy-that is a state free of injury, discomfort and disability. It is these needs that our Chiropractic Doctors and Registered Massage Therapists serve. Their main goal is to reduce pain, and restore motion so you can get back to moving.

However, to be ‘pain free’ isn’t a place to stay. The body was meant to move, and it should move. Moving is not what causes pain. Being stagnant (not moving) is what causes pain.

So as we become healthy, we must transition towards strength.

That state of freedom from pain and freedom to move deserves to be fortified. Our muscles are not just meant for aesthetics. It’s basic function is to dispel force from the body. We should learn essential movement skills to move efficiently, so that we can work with gravity and not succumb to it.

So as we become strong, we must transition towards skill.

Because a healthy, strong body is only as good as it’s use. We should always be useful, to ourself and others.

That is why we embed foundational Martial Arts for the community to develop crucial movement skills in the art of striking (Muay Thai) and the art of grappling (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). We feel our baseline of ability should begin with our ability to defend ourselves and others. The key to a good life first begins with being alive now doesn’t it?

A Guild

None of what I’m saying here is ‘new’ by any means. After all, we’ve already established that our inspirations are generations old philosophy that has been the source of this idea long before we were born. What makes this place special is not the idea. It is the people delivering that idea that make it a place worth experiencing. What makes all of this work together is a group of people who behave like a ‘guild’ ; an association of craftsmen/women.

This isn’t our job. This is our craft that we define our legacy around.

Experience our Doctors and Therapists. They are healers. They would be honoured to have the opportunity for you to trust them with your body to make a difference.

Experience our Trainers. Essen Chavez and Avi Sohi are doing something special. They are not training for the eye. They train you to enable the opportunity to acquire skill. Training for the sake of looking good is not as motivating or lasting than training to be able. Don’t worry, the muscles follow. It’s just that you’ll be too occupied and excited at actually being useful that you don’t notice the aesthetics growing.

Experience our Martial Artists. Kru Nick Bautista and Jose Dominguez have created Martial Art schools that do not rely on aggression to teach. Agression is not an effective means of education. Happiness, engagement and fun are better vehicles of education.

Brampton-thank you for 8 great years and the chance to evolve to greater ambitions every year. We hope to continue to provide your family with useful experiences that benefit your homes.