Doctors. Therapists. Trainers. Martial Artists.

This is a hybrid gym and clinic devoted bringing the community health, strength and skill



Chiropractors and Massage Therapists specializing in restoring the bodies physical state.


Custom training settings and programs for individuals looking for a tailored experience.


Muay Thai. Jiu Jitsu. Boxing. Emphasizing personal improvement, not competition.


M a n i f e s t o 

Neutral places matter.  We need more places where race, colour, creed economic status and sexuality are of minimal relevance.  Not because those things are false, but because we need to balance life out a bit and take break from emphasizing so much of our differences. 

We need more connection.  With ourselves, and with others.  Sometimes, our ideologies tend do divide us—from ourselves, and others.

Positive communes devoted to promoting a physical lifestyle is something we should experience regularly because it’s practice returns us to basic goals: good health, an ample level of resilience and ability.  Happy family, good food.

Refocusing our attention to these basics allows us the reset we so desperately seek.

 Less, not more.  

Health and wellbeing, strength, and skill.  

If we all possess an ample level of all three of those things, the answers to life dilemnas will be abundant, not sparse. 

It’s important these spaces not remain a theory.
There should be a real place led by real people.  Genuinely good, strong, skilled Professionals with the express intent of honouring the duty of their craft ahead of their personal preferences.  

Because duty, above all is the highest level of life one can pursue.  And should those people be fortunate enough in life to do so then it’s only right they devote it to the well being of the community.

So these spaces should hold a place in the community, and be regular part of it’s local lifestyle.  Because the process of refining our life basics allows us to be more of who we are, and less of who we are not.  

This place is devoted to assisting the home.  We need to be healthy for our families.  We need to be strong for them in times when they are not.  And we must be skilled in passing on our strengths to the following generations.  

Because when we are healthy, we are happy.  

Everything else is extra.