Movement culture.

We believe the key to changing a sedentary lifestyle, is not exercise, or diet. The key to changing a sedentary lifestyle is falling in love with a movement lifestyle; or as we call it, a movement culture. The culture that surrounds the activity is what gets us to fall in love with activity, not activity in and of itself.

One of the most basic movement cultures in existence is Martial Art. It encompasses basic emotional stresses (fear, doubt, anxiety) and teaches positive and productive solutions to such stressors in a physical medium:

Learn how to defend yourself, and be healthy in the process of learning.

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Community benefit is the ultimate destination of education.  Learning that is reinforced in all directions; the people beside you (your peers); the people below you (those who follow you); and the one's above you (your teachers).  That group as a whole, is called a community.  Education is most potent when it benefits all ends of our community. So to me Martial Art should be validated by it's contribution to the vitality of a community.  Because if the weaker members of our community are strong, our strength as a whole increases. This isn't about championship belts, nor is this about becoming the deadliest version of yourself.  This is simply about being a good, strong, able person so you can pass that forward.



The body can be many things.  It quite literally becomes how we treat it.  Cease to use it?  It becomes an expert of staying put.  Put it in motion, then it becomes very efficient.  Teach it a movement pattern and it absorbs it. The body, is merely a reflection of how we use it.  

Martial Art training is about moving our body as a weapon--and allowing our physique to respond as such.  It's for those reasons that I've personally fell in love with Muay Thai.  It's allowed me to discover a higher level of physicality through a different lens of ability.  This is the experience I wish to share with you.

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