Trinity Health Collective


Eventually, one has to commit to creating something worth experiencing.

 success is not an outcome or income. it lies in the middle, where the work is.


A guild.

We view freedom as the ability to fully pursue ones craft to the best of our ability. ‘Success’ is the ability to shape who one exercises such free will alongside.


 We do not see ourselves as a place of employment for contracts to be fulfilled, and quotas to be satisfied. Management and metrics do not lie at the heart of our business. People and skills are the heart. Management and metrics are merely the parameters to our plans that shape when we pivot, or stay the course in the creation of something special.





Players win accolades, teams win championships, management creates DYNASTIES. The main goal of the administrative team is to facilitate continued success, not compliance. In this role your are integral point in facilitating our relationship between the public and the professional. Success here, means success everywhere. Failure here, means failure everywhere. If you are someone that can hold your view between the big and small picture, please make yourself known.


Shaping the present, for the future. There exists multiple levels of opportunity here to exchange time, for experience and skill, to potentially shape future employment. We are looking for internships in a clinic setting, gym setting as well as social media.


Our biggest goal is to change the narrative of a Massage Therapist: They they are more than just a means to relax at a spa. Massage Therapists are experts of soft tissue (Muscles, tendons and ligaments) and are therefore instrumental in facilitating your healing as much as a doctor can be. If you share the same vision, don’t hesitate to reach out.



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