The trinity health





Martial Artists.



this is a guild.

A guild /ɡɪld/ is an association of artisans who oversee the practice of their craft in a particular town or city.  The earliest types of guild were formed as confraternities of tradespersons. They were organized in a manner something between a professional association,  and a secret society.

Here, you will find a fraternity of Doctors, Therapists, Trainers and Martial Artists devoted to leading our communities' physical well being--in Health, Strength and Skill.


heal the community.

Our job is to remove the pain, and restore the motion.

Our goal as Manual Therapists--Chiropractic Doctors, and Registered Massage Therapists; is primarily focused on physical pain.  Common types of pain we commonly treat (but not limited to): Shoulder, Knee, Lower back pain, migraines, general muscle soreness, and joint pain.


Dr. Ashley Sweeney-Bautista, D.C.,

doctor of chiropractic; owner



Melissa Selvaggi

Registered Massage Therapists


Dr. Don Rey Juan, D.C.

doctor of chiropractic



Strengthen the citizen.


Aesthetics are not a goal.  They are an effect.  Losing weight, gaining muscle, dropping a pant size...none of these are causes in and of themselves.  They are just physiological responses to a commitment to treat our physical selves in a particular way.  

The goal, is to embrace a life of challenge.  When we choose to challenge ourselves in positive ways under increasing levels of tension the body simply discards that which is unnecessary and unproductive.


cultivate their skill.

From vulnerable, to invulnerable.


Our bodies know when we are vulnerable.  So our mentality and emotions tend to follow that innate suspicion.  But what happens when we transform our bodies to an able state?  able to defend ones self, able to run, able to escape, able to survive...

We become confident.

Confidence, in Martial Art however is not a product of positive self talk.  True confidence, comes from simple physical truth.  It comes from tangibly feeling our strength, and our skill.

This is how unwavering confidence is built.


be Useful.  learn muay thai.


Endure the toughest of times.  Learn jiu jitsu.